Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mothers Day mini book

This is a simple and cute mini book I made for my Mom for Mothers Day. I know Mothers are really special and so I made a mini book for my Soooooooooo Special Mom. Love you Mom. I tried using varieties in my book. Like there you will be able to see Pop up Mom Letters, Spinning wheel,Note in a pocket and Isris paper folding technique. I made using Story book cartridge using design studio. For spinning wheel I used Inkscape and SCAL.

I also made a box styled envelope using Inkscape and SCAL, but I am having problems sharing the file online, if you would like to have it, email me. In addition, I created a spinning wheel on one of the pages, this is the link for the inkscape file to that, Click Here.

Thanks for having a look at it. I hope you all like it. Look forward to your comments.